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holding down the low-end with bands such as The Fog City Swampers (Southern Rock Tribute), Malice Cooper (Alice Cooper Tribute), GIRL! A Tribute to Women of Rock & Pop and many other sit-ins and one-off gigs.

Christina Michelle plays a vintage Rickenbacker through an Ampeg head and Mark Bass or Ampeg cabinet depending on the venue.


"Thank you so much for jumping in and preparing with such little lead time. I very much appreciate your efforts and collaborative spirit! You're an awesome bassist and it's pleasure to play with you!!" — Michelle Renee, Musician 

"You nailed it on the bass & vocals and had the best stage look by far. You've got a gig with us anytime." -- Tom G, Band Leader

"You are a terrific bass player." -- Daniel S, Booking Agent

"You're such a great performer." -- Norma B, Booking Agent

"You're so good." -- Carole L, Studio Owner

"You're such a solid bass player." -- Jason B, Musician

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