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holding down the low-end with bands such as The Seagulls (original garage rock), The Minks (All-Girl Kinks Tribute), The Trouble with Monkeys (Monkees tribute), The Fog City Swampers (Southern Rock Tribute), Malice Cooper (Alice Cooper Tribute), GIRL! A Tribute to Women of Rock & Pop and many other sit-ins and one-off gigs.

Christina Michelle plays a vintage Rickenbacker (Ricki) or her 60s replica Danelectro (Dani) through an Ampeg head and Mark Bass or Ampeg cabinet depending on the venue.


"Thank you so much for jumping in and preparing with such little lead time. I very much appreciate your efforts and collaborative spirit! You're an awesome bassist and it's pleasure to play with you!!" — Michelle Renee, Musician 

"You nailed it on the bass & vocals and had the best stage look by far. You've got a gig with us anytime." -- Tom G, Band Leader

"You are a terrific bass player." -- Daniel S, Booking Agent

"You're such a great performer." -- Norma B, Booking Agent

"You're so good." -- Carole L, Studio Owner

"You're such a solid bass player." -- Jason B, Musician

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